The Reason For Funeral Flowers

A symbol of love, respect, admiration and appreciation for the departed, funeral flowers are a final opportunity to share some loving words and kind sentiments on the day of the funeral. These words shared with the funeral flowers are very important to the grieving process; the ability to share one more memory of a good time, an inside joke or to use a family nickname can encourage hope and happy remembrances as an opportunity to say to the departed one last time why they were so special to you.

Card Message

Whether you will be in attendance on the day of the funeral or are simply sending a bouquet or arrangement of funeral flowers with a personal message, trying to find the words to write on the flower card can be incredibly difficult. At sensitive times like these we experience a wide range of
emotions, thoughts and feelings about the situation, the circumstances and of course the departed and as such trying to make sense of how we feel and then even attempting to compose a funeral card message, can feel like a seemingly impossible task. Don’t worry! We at Boutique de Fleur are here to help you. To help you find the words when they don’t come or when there are too many that you can’t simply say it all.
Our aim is to make it as easy as possible to make your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones feel happy, noticed and remembered. every aspect of the order process is designed with you in mind to create a safe and secure process in which you which your needs are seen to.

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